About Joanna Soyka

Joanna Soyka is a visual artist, writer and creative nerd from Berlin. Her work is inspired by the deep love, confusion and curiosity for and about this world. People, their stories, that intriguing complexity of life, is what she is exploring in her art - the contradictions, greatness, failures, fears, everydayness. And most of all the beauty, that is created through all aspects, tones and shades. She loves sharing that perspective through her work, hoping to evoke trust in people, trust in yourself and in life. And if you look closely you might find what makes you like being here, appreciate life as a whole, laugh, and allow that iridescent hilarious spectacle.

Growing up in Berlin, Joanna Soyka has always been surrounded by art, music, activism, and a plethora of different communities. Being queer,  born with disability, a migrant, raised by a catholic & an atheist, and having experienced communism as well as capitalism gave her access to many different worlds, ideas, experiences and perspectives. It made her endlessly curious, passionate, cynically optimistic about the world, life and everything.

She studied graphic design, audio engineering and animation, and worked as a designer/developer in sound, digital and print media. Since 2007 she works as an artist, exhibiting and selling her art, creating award-winning animations. In 2016 she left Berlin and the work as a designer behind for good to travel the world with her wife & two kids. She's currently in waiting for Big Waves in Nazaré, Portugal.

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